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Outreach is an important part of scientific endeavors in today’s day and age. Outreach plays an important role in shaping how the public and future generations perceive, support, and understand our research. As such I’m particularly passionate about expanding individuals knowledge about virology, human health, and computer science.

Most recently I have begun developing instruction material to help individuals learn how to utilize Python in the command line environment.

I have taught K-8th grade students about bacteriophages (viruses that infect bacteria), infectious disease vectors, and coastal marine habitats at the annual St. Petersburg Science Festival for two years.

I have been lucky to organize and recruit other researchers to teach Junior Kindergarten classes about the coastal environment of Tampa Bay by seine netting along the beach, providing a hands on learning approach.

My previous outreach involved teaching high school students in a biotechnology course (10th and 11th grade) how to perform plaque assays in order to isolate and characterize individual bacteriophages. The students learned, over the course of five weeks, how to take an environmental seawater sample and isolate bacteriophages, obtain a pure sample of these bacteriophages, take transmission electron micrographs of the purified samples, and send these phages out for DNA sequencing.